CONSORZIO TUTELA Prosecco DOC Presents Prosecco On The Road By Andrea Zanfi

In collaboration with arete food and wine consulting, Consorzio Tutela Prosecco Doc organizes the Prosecco On The Road event in Hong Kong recently with the presence of Luca Giavi, Director of Prosecco Doc Consortium to reveal the story of the most famous sparkling wine in Italy together with Andrea Zanfi, author of the “Prosecco on the road”.

Prosecco was granted Controlled Designation of Origin status on 17 July 2009 and, on 19 November of the same year, the Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco DOC was set up. The Prosecco Doc Consortium is an institution whose role is to coordinate and manage the Controlled Designation of Origin.

It brings together voluntarily the different groups of producers - individual or associated vinegrowers, wine and sparkling wine producers to ensure the designation continues to grow and that the production regulations are complied with.

“Prosecco on the road” is an unique book: “There are many different kinds of books on wine: manuals, monographs, guides, atlases, novels, essays even entire encyclopaedia. We were interested in a book that discusses Prosecco from a new and different perspective, a text that not so much examines the characteristics of Prosecco from the technical or historical perspective, but rather one that could describe its soul that can be understood not just by drinking Prosecco but also by living it. With this book, we hope that the reader will be able to trace the paths that Prosecco travels every day to reach the villages where it is drunk, to discover the places where people such as Goldoni, Tiziano, Palladio and Canova lived, to travel the same streets that artists such as Giotto, Wagner, Lord Byron and Hemingway travelled, and to enjoy a unique experience in the land where the Prosecco DOC was born“. Stefano Zanette, Consorzio President.

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