ISSEY MIYAKE Summer Fragrance @ A Fresh & Luminous Summer

Issey Miyake fragrances have reinvented themselves every summer in a string of creative collaborations ever since 1995. This year the tradition continues, with young English artist Michelle McKinney invited to translate Issey Miyake’s Summer Fragrances into colours. She weaves a delicate, poetic mood around their luminous, fruity freshness. 2016’s Summer Fragrances celebrate dawn and the glowing aureole of the rising sun. The solar star begins its slow ascent, throwing glittering reflections of its flamboyant colours onto the azure blue waves to usher in a beautiful summer’s day between light and energy, woods and flowers, Issey Miyake’s new Summer Fragrances entice you on a sunlit olfactory journey. Firmenich perfumer Alberto Morillas created Summer Fragrances to suffuse the long, warm days with a sunny, fresh spirit sparkling with colour. As for the L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme Eau de Toilette pour l’été men's fragrance, the perfumer conjures up a burst of freshness by heightening kiwi with spicy, fruity notes. Opening notes of coriander and slightly bitter grapefruit set the tone, melting gradually into the scent’s pineapple and nutmeg heart. By combining these fruits and spices with woods, Alberto Morillas adds verticality and depth, with a duet of vetiver and cypress that leaves a lingering trail of sensual vibrancy.

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