Warriors Of The Rainbow: Seediq Bale 賽德克。巴萊~彩虹橋

This time, the sequel or shall we say part II is more provocative, more blood and more tears. Now we understand why this based on a true story movie take up so long and need such a budget to produce in the entire Asia film making, it really worth the wait with such carefully executed film. We despise the local critic using this film to compare with Avatar in which is it totally not relevant, not even in the post production, at least, this need no CG to enhance this film but with its really sweat and blood infused to make it more real. Other nation may not have as much heartfelt as the Taiwanese but if you watch it with your heart, no matter what nation, u will feel their effort being put in in making this film a memorable ones... at least for some. Well done Wei.!!

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