《Shu Uemura @ Phyto-Black Lift Youth Degree》

phyto-black lift by shu uemura is a premium anti-aging skincare line designed to lift and firm skin while reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It has now been reborn with newly added Black Rice Extract for a complexion that appears younger, and for a skin that feels tighter and lifted, with more beautiful contours than ever before. This revolutionary new ingredient, which takes its cue from an expert blend of specially selected black Asian phyto-ingredients, incorporates new innovations in modern science and beauty to support “youthful appearance” and care visible signs of aging around the chin area. The first signs of aging start around at the age of 25, with fine lines becoming visible. In the mid-30s, sagging starts to happen more rapidly and becomes a top concern by the time women reach their 40s. phyto-black lift youth degree tighter contours, sharper profile* using cutting-edge green chemistry and looking to the power of ingredients with natural origins, phyto-black lift youth degree melts onto skin smoothly to provide intense delivery of key active ingredients. The combination of Black Rice Extract, Black Tea Ferment and Pro-Xylane™ boosts skin’s supporting tissue to strengthen skin’s inner elasticity and tightening contours. From the first week of use, skin feels firmer and more tightened as if lifted, and facial contours look clearer and appear more youthful. And the benefits only get better—continued use sharpens the neck line by 3 degrees*

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