《BICHO Yakitori @ Causeway Bay》

There are numerous Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong, BICHO opens its door in the bustling Causeway Bay to cater for their Yakitori lovers. Japanese Yakitori mainly uses white charcoal (Pronounced as Bicho-tan in Japanese) as combustible. BICHO specializes in Japanese yakitori and that is where it got its name. There is a wide range of yakitori in Bicho, whether it is seafood, meat or vegetables, they are on the menu. The Top 5 must-try in BICHO are: Karubi (USA beef skewer), Minced Chicken Meat Ball With Kimchi, Japanese Pork with Maitake ( Japanese Mushroom), Chicken Roll with Dried Bean Curd and Grilled Squid with Yuzu Wasabi. A VIP room has also been installed recently and can accommodate up to 14 persons, which is perfect for private parties. 

Address: 26F, Macau Yat Yuen Center, 525 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2838 7022

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