《RAY-BAN @ Raw Sounds》

After New York and London, RAY-BAN RAW SOUNDS finally gets to Hong Kong with a live event headlined by Tom Vek and Carsick Cars with a DJ set by Elvis.T. This pioneering project sees legendary guitarist from The Smiths Johnny Marr and young contemporary bands collaborate together in a unique musical experiment. Inspired by Eno & Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies, RAY-BAN RAW SOUNDS is a one off collaboration where Johnny Marr has developed five diverse song-writing inspirations.
Tom Vek, Best Coast, Mona, Au Revoir Simone and Carsick Cars were then challenged to write their own track using these five parts as inspiration. "RAY-BAN RAW SOUNDS intrigued me from the outset: the idea of collaborating with emerging bands, but doing so in an imaginative and not obvious way. Curating the five parts was a challenge – the elements had to be varied yet meaningful and inspiring – but it was a challenge I really enjoyed," Johnny Marr stated during the shooting of RAY-BAN RAW SOUNDS last July in Manchester."I’ve worn Ray-Ban for years... When I first started out with The Smiths I wore them all the time", he stated.
"I used to work in a shop in Manchester during the early 80s, we were the very first selling Ray-Ban. I recall I purposely ordered one pair for me so I could be one of the few people in Manchester at the time wearing Ray-Ban." This is the conclusive RAY-BAN RAW SOUNDS event across the world. The first one was held in New York on October 13th and was the peak of this project: it was headlined by Johnny Marr with his newly reformed band The Healers and supported by LA based band Best Coast and Nashville native Mona with a DJ set by Au Revoir Simone.

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