Artisan&Artist* @ Christmas Cosmetic Casual Line

Schmidt Marketing has introduced the Artisan&Artist* cosmetic line products like makeup bags and accessories series that are currently in vogue in Japan. The series includes The Bikini Cosmetic Bags, Cordura Accessory Bags, Giulietta Handbags and handmade makeup brushes which are particularly popular in the Japanese entertainment community; as well as casual line product like Italian patent leather purses.
Artisan&Artist*’s professional makeup items are highly acclaimed for their meticulous handcraftsmanship and high attention to detail. All makeup brushes created by Japanese artisans and are made of fine and natural animal hairs, including those of goats, squirrels and kolinskies, with a precious texture that feels and soft as silk. The SGP makeup series contains 23 makeup brushes, in a range of sizes and shapes to suit specific facial areas. The white wooden handles are light and handy for use in any occasion. With these magic brushes, you too can achieve the impressive salon-style effect. Of course, it is even easier to create perfect results when matched with designer cosmetic bags.

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