6 Minutes @ The Lady Goldsmith ~ Charlotte Marie Schleifenbaum

Everything at Wellendorff has to be true, genuine and authentic. This family-run company in its 4th generation now trust in the finest materials and craftsmanship "Made in Germany" and developing design in their very own style. It is all about desired, surprised and moved, as the Wahre Werte (genuine values in German) and the special meaning of jewellery which confers joy and protection......just like your guardian angel. mylifestylenews met up with their rising in house Lady Goldsmith Charlotte Marie Schlesifenbaum who is soon being part of the design team for the brand demonstrating her impeccable skills on the process of a Wellendorff jewelry being made......

M: mylifestylenews
S: Charlotte Marie Schlesifenbaum

M: How did you start being a lady goldsmith with Wellendorff?
S: First of all, you have to love jewelry. I think women know best what we want in jewelry and how we admire them. After I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Jewellery design, I was then interned as an Abalone Pearl specialist with "Moana Ringcraft" and then had an apprenticeship as a Goldsmith at the Goldsmith's School  in Pforzheim for 3 years before I became a professional goldsmith.

M: What are you working on lately?
S: I am now gradually moving into the artistic design team and begin to design for Wellendorff  future collection. It is indeed a very exciting move for me to be part of the team.

M: Who would you like to see wearing Wellendorff Jewelry?
S: People who is not ignorant, have good education and understand on the jewelry know how and appreciate the jewelry's craftsmanship, the value and the history behind it. A piece of jewelry shall give you pleasure and it shall reflects on  the emotion and feeling that show on the face while you wear them. Just like every Wellendorff jewelry pieces, it symbolised the message and meaning behind it. The smile of the face referring to the satisfaction of how much they love wearing it.

M: What would you like to achieve in jewelry design?
S: To create some understated yet classic and contemporary jewelry pieces that is easily identical, designs that are with real heartfelt and commitment.

M: Tell us about your inspiration.
S: 80% of my inspiration comes from the romantic idea of the brand's history and family tradition. It also developing through the daily living lifestyle on how you live your life, it does give you some inspiration and reflects on the emotion while you begin to design it.

M: What is your ideal living lifestyle?
S: Simplicity, to be part of what you are living in and take responsibility on what you are doing in life complete my ideal living lifestyle.


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