FURLA 2012 Presentation @ A Journey To Italy Through Art, Creativity & Innovation

FURLA collection for SS2012 is a rich travel diary filled with visual and tactile notes on the Mediterranean and Italian tradition. The colours of nature. The blue of the sky, the black and white of rocks and pebbles, the warm earth tones such as honey, red and yellow, with gold and silver accents. The materials: bull hide, vintage-effect leather, coarse salt-and-pepper canvas, as well as reptile skin and materials of high-tech inspiration such as neoprene.
The Candy Bag is also at the center of the “Changeable-Identity” installation-performance. It is an initiative that expresses Furla’s desire to constantly experiment with new solutions and new forms of artistic expression. The bag, reinterpreted by the artist Sissi, becomes a hybrid of styles and allusions: “Candy-brissima”, in perfect accord with the philosophy of the artist, who sees fashion as a perpetual blend of personal emotions.
In the performance, Sissi stages a sort of ultra-creative production line: four people work together to assemble various elements that she designed earlier. Each one features different materials, colours and details that express a specific style and state of mind that the artist has categorized with fantastical names. When they are combined, an incredible gallery of Candy-brissima bags comes to life. Unpredictable, unique pieces. Genuine works of art.

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