“ Do You Believe? ” @ Contemporary Artists Group Show

Do You Believe? What are beliefs? The simple definition is that a belief is an assumed truth therefore everything, even this statement, is a belief. “Do You Believe?” intends to showcase the dynamism and diversity of contemporary art, examining aspects of contemporary art that will make viewers aware of the commonness and differences of culture, thoughts, values through the works of these rising artists who concern for history, society and people, sharing their honest feelings and experience. Based on their own background, participating artists understand the belief of their own language and culture as embodied in their unique art pieces; true to their own traditions yet challenging the observer that beliefs are merely what they assume to be true and to confront them; belief can be changed.

Hong Kong artist Julian Lee explores male body as an art form, capturing human desire and emotions by digital photography. Coalescing around references from freeze frame, religious triptych, surrealistic poetry, reclining nudes in neo-classical painting and modernist photography, he explores the depth of humanity and expresses the perception of human spirit and lust. Artist Xiang Yang, born in Beijing and now living in the US, creates unique mixed media art installations by using thread as primary material. Seaming stitch by stitch, the oriental elegance and traditional Chinese folk art have been perfectly presented. Colorful threads lead viewers to this modern world of freedom and democracy, however, existence of confusion and chaos at every moment. Two faces of uncompromising characters within one work, we question persistently: Where are those truths hidden? 
Li Wei, an artist also from Beijing presents four painfully ill patients at an intensive care unit heartily. The vision of fragmentary limbs and trunk changes our visual experience, peacefully depicting the silence of death. For artworks from The Hollow Men series, we have been subdued by the extreme attention to details by the artist, being fascinated with sense of insecurity beneath.
Based on this belief, Calvin Hui, Founder and Artistic Director of 3812 has chosen four artists whom he deeply admires from London, Beijing and Hong Kong for “Do You Believe?” Exhibition- Jason Brooks, Xiang Yang, Li Wei and Julian Lee Their works ranged from paintings, mixed media installations, sculptures to photographs will be shown at 3812 contemporary art space from 26 November, 2011 to 31 January, 2012. Founded in May, 2011, 3812 Contemporary Art Projects intends to showcase the dynamism and diversity of contemporary art. Its 7,000 sq ft contemporary art space in Wong Chuk Hang is one of Hong Kong’s largest art spaces. 3812’s mission is to find and actively promote artists who have the potential to develop in the long term, without being carried away by the market trends, as well as to build a bridge for artists, galleries and collectors. Through exhibitions and art projects, the public is inspired to think about the outlook and development of contemporary art.
British artist Jason Brooks, his paintings expresses an absolutely characteristic authenticity. What he explores is a thoughtful discourse on layers of reality. Abstract paintings blur the line between perceived perfection and imperfect reality.

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