De Beers Diamond Jewellers celebrates the highly anticipated opening of a new De Beers store at ELEMENTS Mall in Kowloon recently which defined the establishment of De Beers' second store in Hong Kong after The Landmark in Central. De Beers has a worldwide presence with stores located in the most sought after locations including Old Bond Street in London, Fifth Avenue in New York, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Shin Kong Place in Beijing and Ginza in Tokyo.
With this new store, De Beers brings over 120 years of peerless diamond expertise and passion to the vibrant district of Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon. The new 850 square foot ELEMENTS store features a completely new design concept of glass, light and openness not seen in Hong Kong before.  In this setting, the Art of Diamond Jewellery comes to life with some of De Beers’ most beautiful and important collections including stunning solitaires, timeless classics and unique High Jewellery creations. 
The highlight at the opening of the ELEMENTS De Beers Diamond Jewellers store was the world debut of a brand new high jewellery set from the Swan Lake Collection. Inspired by the fluidity, beauty and elegance of ballet, intertwining lines of specially selected fancy-cut diamonds (pear, oval and marquise cuts) are reminiscent of the complexity and sophistication of a dancer’s choreography and performance.  The special “Red Carpet” Swan Lake necklace features 258 white, fancy cut diamonds for a total of almost 123 carats.
Explaining the beauty behind De Beers diamonds, Francois commented: “Every De Beers diamond is meticulously hand-selected. We select based on the ‘chi’ of the diamond - the inner energy and outward beauty – to ensure that it has exceptional Fire, Life and Brilliance.” Also presiding over the ceremony was Andrew Coxon, President of De Beers Institute of Diamonds, who continued, “Fire is the scintillation or spread of colour that we see, Life is the sparkle and, Brilliance is the natural transparency of the diamond. We know that the highly discerning clients in Hong Kong will no doubt appreciate the superior Fire, Life and Brilliance that our specially selected diamonds exhibit.”

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