Z ZEGNA introduces the latest innovation in TECHMERINOTM, the natural high performance Merino wool fabric that ensures maximum comfort even in dynamic situations. With the unveiling of its new TECHMERINOTM WASH & GO project, Z ZEGNA has created summer suiting that can be domestically machine washed while maintaining its comfort, performance and naturally casual fit. Lightweight and extremely soft, TECHMERINOTM WASH & GO suiting offers unrestrained freedom and breathability with the added benefit of easy maintenance. Made exclusively with TechmerinoTM fabric, the construction and materials allow these garments to be gentle washed at a temperature of 30°C without altering the wearability, performance or quality standards. This means that both the suit jacket and trousers can be laundered at home any time they need to be cleaned or freshened. TECHMERINOTM WASH & GO suits can be gentle washed and worn immediately thereafter, or lightly ironed as needed. In addition, every TECHMERINOTM WASH & GO suit comes with a dedicated case that is used during washing to ensure optimal results.

TechmerinoTM is made from pure Merino wool that has been treated with special finishing techniques to ensure maximum comfort and perfect thermo-regulation, thereby keeping the skin dry and the body temperature constant. Not only do TechmerinoTM fabrics offer greater resistance to wear, their natural lightness and excellent elasticity deliver a constant fit that can easily facilitate the movement of the body.

Quick Dry:
The hygroscopic properties that naturally characterize Merino wool facilitate the evaporation of watery vapor, maintaining the skin dry and keeping the body temperature constant.
Carefree Maintenance:
Garments can be domestically washed at a temperature of 30°C without altering the wearability, performance or quality standard. The can be worn immediately, or lightly ironed for a more finished look.
Thermal comfort:
The properties of Merino wool give the garment natural temperate control that facilitates the body’s adaptation to climate change and maintains the high breathability of the fabric.
Sustainable fiber:
Made from pure biodegradable certified Merino wool obtained with a controlled sustainable production process, the garments guarantee excellent technical performance in full respect of the environment.

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