BALLY SS2018 Advertising Campaign

Bally’s authenticity and quiet confidence shines through its retro-chic SS2018 campaign for Asia Pacific. Marking a reset, the campaign presents a refined sportswear aesthetic and consistent brand message which brings back the DNA of this characterful, luxury brand. Led by Bally’s Asia Pacific spokesperson for a second season, Tang Yan fronts this powerful campaign, in which Bally’s authentic heritage and contemporary product speaks for itself. Alongside French-Canadian model Marc-Andre Turgeon, the campaign opens up a new episode of storytelling which recalls Bally’s past recognition among urban street culture of the early 1980s. Relaxed poses dream up a subtle narrative of everyday existence. Stripped walls, scarce belongings and sparse furniture recall a carefree lifestyle from a previous era. Shot in an empty London house, the campaign is art directed by Ben Kelway and captured by American photographer Colin Dodgson, with styling by longtime collaborator Jonathan Kaye.

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