TOD'S Double Trouble

 The Twins Giulia and Camilla Venturini are the protagonists of the video Double Trouble: The story of DOUBLE T Gommino and DOUBLE T Bag through the two girls, who ironically play around their ambivalences and their differences.

The standing element of the video is the mirror. The images of the girls are always represented two times or more. The interactions with the mirror and the synchronized movements allow you to play on the ambiguity of the double image through a climax of 'visual tricks'.

The TOD’S DOUBLE T Bag, which features the house’s new hallmark with stainless steel device fastens the shoulder bag that bears its name. With the TOD’S DOUBLE T Bag, customers have a choice between a refined, classic shape or a half moon style so micro it doubles as a belt, or the guitar style with interchangeable shoulder strap. This is a bag to play with and personalise – that rare piece in a wardrobe that always appears fresh and new.

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