NIRAV MODI unveiled its second boutique at ifc mall, Central, with a grand opening celebration recently. As the only Indian jeweler featured on the covers of Christie's and Sotheby's catalogues, and with their hugely successful sales at Hong Kong auctions, NIRAV MODI is renowned for its patented diamond cuts, and its exquisitely designed and perfectly crafted jewelry. The boutique’s luminous space has an elegant and polished environment through which visitors are instantly transported to a world of marvels. The interior features a hand-crafted paper art window frieze reflecting all iconic NIRAV MODI collections. Facets and fluidity dominate the décor of the boutique. The fine marble lattice work flooring, paired with lush carpeting, complement the faceted display showcases and add a playful balance to the space. The magical effect of the luminous and sparkling golden glass transports you into the brand’s luxe world.

NIRAV MODI prides itself on creating jewelry that brings together the finest rare stones, set in a signature style that employs the most minimal amount of metal, allowing the gems to radiate from every possible angle to give each jewel an eternal shine. The boutique houses the core collections such as the Embrace, Lotus, Celestial, Luminance, Jasmine and Mughal. The signature Embrace collection features bangles and rings crafted with moving parts to provide an exceptional stretch, flexibility and comfort; the Luminance Collection is inspired by a play of light on water; the Lotus Collection depicts the perfect symmetry and inimitable grace of the lotus flower which rises above murky waters; and the Jasmine Collection features subtly glowing Jasmine CutTM diamonds that become the irregular petals of a flower, whilst cleverly set briolettes quiver like real life stamens at their hearts.

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