Antoine Rameau KOSMOGONIA Exhibition In SOGO Hong Kong

 SOGO presents Antoine Rameau KOSMOGONIA Exhibition on 16/F, SOGO CLUB, SOGO Causeway Bay recently. “KOSMOGONIA” is a photos-collages exhibition by Antoine Rameau, a French artist living in Hong Kong, who developed his unique collage style while collecting evocative images of various origins.

Inspired by Pop Art, Street Art, the Recycled Art movement, he turns any paper item into oneiric new visual worlds. Each collage tells an elaborate story filled with multiple symbols and satirical messages.

A fervent space and Greek mythology enthusiast, Rameau has recently created a new set of collages: “KOSMOGONIA”, invoking the origins of the Universe, the ultimate root, the primary source of everything... Captivating visions of genesis embodied by simple geometrical shapes depicting atoms and empty pictures epitomizing the giant space odyssey.

To allow art lovers in Hong Kong to have the golden opportunity to appreciate Antoine’s photos-collages works in person, SOGO has invited Antoine to exhibit his creations at the SOGO CLUB in SOGO Causeway Bay, as part of LE FRENCH MAY. Antoine has also collaborated with Parisian architect and designer Antoine Pradels to customise modular luminous structures, called “Cosmogonies”. 2 stylish, colourful wall lamps featuring Rameau's photo-collages reproduced onto translucent Japanese paper are to be showcased in Asia for the first time.

In addition to this new exhibition at SOGO Club, Rameau's inspirational art will adorn the walls, ceilings and benches of the emblematic Hong Kong tramway from May to August. Travel “arty” in coach n.151, and feast your eyes upon the giant collage posters on board!

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