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Madonna's secret to her flawless skin MDNA SKIN collaborated together and established the Japanese brand MDNA SKIN in 2014 and is now arrived Hong Kong. MDNA SKIN is a prestigious skincare brand that combines the most advanced modern technology with the most natural components in the wild. Innovating, explorer, a symbol of eternity.

To the renowned and talented Madonna, everything she creates is beautiful. MDNA SKIN is no exception, as it is full of originality, creativity, advanced and innovative. “I will decide my own path” Her confidence has brought MDNA SKIN a very beautiful energy and excellent quality.

In Madonna’s creation not a single part was done without perfectionism, such as The Serum. Even the components are as small as 0.1%, Madonna still insists to try and regulate the formulas with her own skin. The biggest fan of MDNA SKIN is Madonna herself. She is very persistent with the texture, feeling and fragrance of skincare products. Every sensation is fully considered when applying the products on the skin. 

Madonna is an internationally famed singer; at the same time she is also a woman that desires beauty. To pursue forever love, and to continuously look for eternal beauty, MDNA SKIN had spent years on exploring. Today, they found and opened a new gate where true beauty lies. Pursuing the unseen and eternal beauty. MDNA SKIN and Madonna develop and evolve together. MDNA SKIN is the only recognized skincare brand to use nature ingredients from the Montecatini spa water to produce their skin products. MDNA SKIN products generously added Montecatini mineral-rich hot spring water, mineral mud, olives and other natural materials. MDNA SKIN uses the energy within the nature to restore flawless in our skins.

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