DOLCE&GABBANA SS2016 Women Collection

Dolce&Gabbana SS2016 woman’s collection themed “Italia Is Love” represents the relationship between craftsmanship and art and it is a tribute to Italian style and beauty. When a woman purchases a dress, she buys a dream, an emotion and this is exactly what Italy gives to them.

The STAGE recreates the corner of a street set within a typical Italian town, with its traditional “botteghe” (small local shops) and represents TRADITION, the DNA of the brand. The RUNAWAY is a street that represents everything that’s new. The street cannot exist without the stage as much as the future cannot be built without the consciousness of the past.

They do not cancel one another, as one cannot exist without the other. The inspiration of the collection came from the experience that the Designers create each Summer with their Alta Moda, which is showcased in different locations in Italy.

Because of their travels, they have rediscovered how people and global travelers see and enjoy Summer in Italy (for example during the show, Chinese and Japanese models wear traditional clothes with Italian embellishments and jewels): they represent tourists that have just arrived in Italy and cannot wait to absorb the local mood and culture.

The collection is truly a tribute to the beauty of Italy. Dolce&Gabbana have always tried to protect and preserve the Italian tradition and craftsmanship. Each dress is in fact created following traditional techniques. At the same time, they are very modern and experiment with new styles and techniques. Extensive research and studies are always implemented with each collection.

Walking the streets of Portofino or going to Venice and Taormina is something an Italian has grown accustomed to, but for a foreigner it is still cause of wonder. This is why the collection is called “Italy Is Love”. Dresses with “Roma” written on it and images of other cities are printed on the outfits like postcards: Capri, Taormina, the Amalfi coast, the Lake Como and Pisa (among others).

During the post-war period, the phenomenon of the “Boutique” was born in juxtaposition to the Haute Couture of the time that was meant for the richer part of society. In those times there was a lack of precious fabrics and therefore people created dresses with simple materials and decorated them with what they had at home, thus inventing the décor naïf.

The dresses were and are simple (but never minimal!); instead they are very colorful and decorated with embellishments that are both hand-made and unique. There is not a specific trend in the collection: it comprises everything that Dolce&Gabbana love.

SELFIE: some of the models walked with an iPhone and took selfies on the runaway to represent a timeless holiday tradition, while also showing today’s desire of consuming fashion right away. One buys and wants to use the products immediately: fashion is a desire of the now.

The selfies were projected immediately on screens positioned along the runaway and posted live to Dolce&Gabbana’s social platforms. There were 90 looks and 70 different finale dresses, each one of them depicting different Italian cities postcard-style.

The bags of the SS2016 collection stand out for their vibrant colors and vivacious prints. Besides paying tribute to Italy and its marvelous cities, the new bags accompanied by the classic Sicily, Dolce Box and Vanda styles reflect the motifs and moods of the collection: Sicilian cart prints, majolica inspirations, stripes, embroidery and ornate or more classic embellishments as well as vintage reproductions of Italian architectural monuments.

The Dolce Box and the iconic Sicily and Vanda bags are a must: all reveal exquisite handcrafting and refined details. The Sicily bag comes in ostrich, Plexiglas, and hand-painted wood or in crocodile and python leather with prints of cities, landscapes, fruits or flowers. The timeless Dolce Box bags add a carefree touch by day and a fairytale mood for evening. The always original Vanda bags with springhinge Plexiglas clasps are adorned with lavish embroidery and embellishments echoing the runway theme.

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