THE POTTINGER HONG KONG Old Fragrant Habour Renew

Bigger is not always better and Hong Kong has seen a plethora of boutique hotels openings over the past few years. Some boutique hotels want to include all the luxury amenities as the big guns do and some are sensible enough to strike out in a fabulous location and eschew some exclusive amenities while focusing on all the great essentials. The Pottinger Hong Kong in Central has it say. By mylifestylenews.

Own and run the the Sino Group, The Pottinger Hong Kong 68 rooms hotel is all about the location and its heritage in the same neighborhood of the past about this fragrant harbour where Hong Kong got its name from. Situated on and named after Hong Kong’s first historic Pottinger cobble stone street which is now still remained as one of the many popular historical Hong Kong sights, this location is steeped in the history of Hong Kong and is the perfect address to immerse yourself in the vibrant neighbourhood of the past and present scene of Central.

You may think of Central district in Hong Kong as being very modern, but it still has a charming nostalgic neighbourhood feel behind the modern glass and steel facades of luxury boutiques and prime office space on Queens Road Central with countless historic dining and markets fan off Pottinger Street and beyond.

The moment you step outside the elegant lobby façade, you are in the thick of it, the heritage environment that hints at the colonial elegance of old Hong Kong among surrounding colourful array of unique street stalls and just a short stroll to many other intriguing sights, from century old shophouses to local trendy fashion and design stores, not to mention some of the best international luxury brand boutiques in the world are scattered around with just a stone throw away.

Within this "colonial" renewed hotel are hidden delights. While it doesn’t have a swimming pool or gym (you may not have time for that when the point of the location is to be out and about in the surrounding locale), its strengths are the gorgeous interior design.

A beautiful intimate lobby, larger than expected guest rooms, a beautiful breakfast room at Gradini which turns into an Italian fine dining restaurant and it all reeks of class that could give more well known Hong Kong luxury brands a run for their money!

We were captivated by the delightful furniture accents and studded leather panels in the lobby displayed individuality, which can be hard to do in a small space. Also, if you look up at the column in the centre of the lobby, you have golden butterflies fluttering around the top of the column, rather mesmerizing by its design and decor. Front desk staff were quite efficient and in well manner throughout our check-in process and we were quickly in the elevator up to the 20th floor.

As we were not sure what our view would be until we entered our room, we were allocated by looking back toward the peak and a slightly corner view of the historic cobble stone Pottinger Street with an interesting dense of cityscape to look at in detail and it was closer that you thought. This would certainly gives quite a sight to foreign travelers with a very different view of Hong Kong.

The colours of the room are very soothing in light pastel shades with a contemporary look as well as the addition of some bespoke elements such as accent panels and carefully chosen decorative touches with an oriental flavor. This could remind you of where you are, so to speak, which we found to be just the right balance in the Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong. 

Original photographs capturing the best lights and scenes of Hong Kong by the legendary and world-acclaimed photographer, Fan Ho can be found in each room as well as the hotel public areas and many of Ho’s images were taken in his most favourite place – Central, Hong Kong in 1950s that has added some mood that watch matches the hotel’s interior.

Given that our deluxe guest room is of a considerable size for Hong Kong hotels’ room standard, with a 26sqm and it feels larger, the furnishings are tastefully and elegantly executed in an understated way with an airy feel without any clutter.

The bathroom is extremely well appointed and they have sensibly omitted baths in the lower categories of rooms to ensure you have a huge walk-in shower and plenty of space to spread your toiletries out. Bathroom amenities are the beautiful Italian brand Acca Kappa, echoing the understated elements of its chic and subtle in scent. There is a Handy Smartphone by your bed that you can take out with you around Hong Kong providing many tourist tips for you especially around this heritage neighbourhood.

For a city that is 24/7 and the road below is very narrow, so noise is really kept to a minimum. We did not hear a thing from outside during our overnights as Central is also known for its continuous constructions and road renovation all year round, thanks to their not-so well organized government’s approach that polluting the city.

Breakfast is a pleasure we all look forward to as the dining room overlooks one of the busiest roads on Queens Road Central Hong Kong with large picture windows offering a captivating view of the passersby on their way to work and doing some destination shopping.

The menu is small yet thoughtful enough and caters mainly for western selection and with no option by offering a touch of any Asian local flavor. Croissant is one of the best we have had in Hong Kong for a long while for its fluffy light texture and the right amount of grease on the pastry. For the western & international travelers, comfort food is delivered here.

Art, culture and heritage are at the heart of the hotel’s essence along with an experience of serenity that provides a haven in the hustle and bustle of Central district in Hong Kong. The Pottinger Hong Kong is no doubt a well kept secret for those who thrive in the city centre yet appreciate the comfort of beautifully designed and curated rooms as well as its exemplary service. This hidden treasure strive to offer you the ultimate pleasure with an unique experience by exploring the old heritage charm of the bygone fragrant harbour, contrasting the past with the present modern world all in one.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Room Amenities: 4/5
Food & Beverages: 4/5
Housekeeping: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4.5/5

Design & Decor

74, Queens's Road Central
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2308 3188

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