EA7 Olympic Collection 2016 Advertising Campaign

EA7 Olympic Collection 2016 Advertising Campaign following the role Armani played as sponsor during the London Olympics in 2012, the Olympics and Paralympics in Rio 2016 sees EA7 Emporio Armani once again as the official outfitter of the Italian Team, and today we are pleased to unveil the new advertising campaign shot for the collection by Serge Guerand.

The heroic and luminous black-and-white images were taken in Fuerteventura. Against a backdrop of sand and sky, models Pietro Boselli and Penny Lane are portrayed in tense and dynamic poses, caught in the act of releasing the full power of their bodies through athletic gestures.

The images communicate energy as well as a sense of sharing the moment and are a celebration of sport practiced with passion and dedication. In the pictures, the models wear clothing, accessories and eyewear from a formal and leisure wardrobe created especially by Giorgio Armani for Italian athletes competing in Rio.

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