PRADA SS2016 Women "Post Classic" Collection

 PRADA SS2016 Women “Post Classic” Collection is perfectly in tune with the Prada DNA, the codes of elegance are subverted, playing provocatively and irreverently with the “great classics”.

The formal fabrics such as radzmir and tweed - in some cases coming from the masculine sphere are used with effects of pairing and layering and interrupted by graphic touches of colour, as well as by a marked “obsession” for the presence of trims.

In the show there is a return to the formal and elegant suit, always slightly “wrong”. The looks are made up of layering of elements which individually bring To mind references to different historical periods, as in a “story of the memory”, with lightness representing the idea.

The layering effects include the shirts and knitwear worn under organza dresses; around the neck there are veils of vintage inspiration.

The use of skins is significant, from leather to suede, patent leather and crocodile, always with precious inlays characterized by a striped motif.

For the evening, the organza dresses are embroidered with sequins and worn with knitwear. The colour palette is made up of flat shades, with a strong presence of natural tones, black and white, alternated with a few touches of red and brighter colours.

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