BVLGARI New Fragrance @ BVLGARI Man Black Cologne

Bvlgari introduces new fragrances Man Black Cologne, an unexpected oriental fresh composition. Become iconic amongst masculine fragrances, Bvulgari Man in Black has anchored its notoriety between raw audacity and telluric elegance. This unique, powerful, sensual, magnetic neo-oriental trail is a new writing of virile charisma. An exaltation of masculinity, this essence still enthralls across the globe. Complementary but distinctive, the new scent revisit the same epic and olfactory history combining power and elegance, virility and refinement. From its predecessor, it retain sensuality, power and magnetism, while affirming new complementary and distinctive traits. An olfactory reinvention, which redefines the boundaries of a masculine seduction, tinged with raw sophistication and hypnotic power.
Bulgari Man Black Cologne, a detonating fusion of cold and heat. Dedicated to men of authentic personality, Bulgari Man Black Cologne blends sensuality with oriental freshness. Shaped in contrasts, this “burning water” brings an alternative sensation of pleasure, a wind of vegetal airiness in the heat of summer.

Head notes
Fresh – Addictive (Citrus and Vegetal freshness, Chilly Rum)
A freshness which opens directly on very sensual notes and which gives itself over in the sense of the Latin addictus to emotion under the bold signature of a chilly rum, associated with chords of citrus and vegetal freshness, an alliance chosen for its contrast.

Heart notes
Luminous – Floral (Neroli, Tuberose flower)
Rather green to start but exalted by the vigour of a tuberose flower, the fragrance evolves towards a floral and luminous heart in which neroli reinforces the fragrance's sensation of freshness.

Base notes
Sensual – Rounded – Soothing (Benzoin, Sandalwood)
Spicy touches lie behind the smouldering nature of this fragrance. With roundness and sensuality, the woody and textured notes of white woods benzoin, sandalwood and of musk sign a trail which is both voluptuous and calm, where tamed gentleness prevails.

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