ELEMENTS® Introduces Step 123 Daily Care Set

ELEMENTS® skin care professionals offers their services to reach the home beauty by shaking up preconceived ideas and offering high-quality products with their cur commitment : making skin care a basic right. The new introduction of ELEMENTS STEP123 Daily Care Set contains all the basics for bright, healthy skin which is a daily routine of cleansing, hydration and protection keeps skin health.

STEP1: Cleansing
Start with pearly opaque gel “Foam Cleaner” cleanses and soothes the skin.

STEP 2: Toner
Apply “Tonic Lotion” over the face and neck

STEP3: Moisturizing
Finish the HOME BEAUTY with final step “Long-Lasting Moisturzing Face Cream”, the skin is visibly refreshed and looks fresh and glowing. Suitable for normal to slightly oily skin type.

ELEMENTS Hoteline: 2868 9099

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