Z ZEGNA FW2015/16 Be Your Own Style 24:7 Ad Campaign

Z ZEGNA FW2015/16 Be Your Own Style 24:7 ad campaign spotlights its innovative energy and always-on attitude. Reinforcing and boosting its core Tailoring meets Sportswear philosophy and moving the “Be Your Own Style” philosophy to a new level, the campaign leverages video and music to present the versatility of an innovative Z ZEGNA offer rooted in inter-contamination and freedom of choice. Stars Adrian Lux, the Grammy-nominated Swedish DJ/producer, and features an exclusive   soundtrack he has specifically created for Z ZEGNA. As seen by his avant-garde approach to music, Adrian exemplifies the dynamic, multifaceted spirit of the reinvigorated Z ZEGNA man. Set against the backdrop of an urban metropolis, the always-on functionality of the new Z ZEGNA collection is reflected by the protagonist’s seamless transition between work and play during a typical day on the move. Just as the campaign effortlessly blends Z ZEGNA’s core concepts of deformalization and sportification, Adrian’s wardrobe of suits, shirts, sneakers, active wear and outerwear easily meld practicality with performance-driven elegance. The use of triplication effects serve to facilitate the change of looks and color variations, while emphasizing the lightweight attitude of clothing designed to stretch and move with the wearer.

Amid the intentionally eclectic array of colors, fabrics and influences, the iconic Z ZEGNA pentagon plays a leading role. High-tech leisurewear, techno-hybrid knitwear and decidedly tailored pieces are layered in a mix of complementary contrasts that redefine a new approach to personal image. To future define the Z ZEGNA style philosophy, iconic sneakers entirely made with the natural Techmerino wool combine classic and sophisticated shapes with high-performance flexibility and accompany the protagonist through his action-packed day. The campaign disclose a metropolitan visual reportage proving that Z ZEGNA has once again bridged the gap between work and leisure through its techno-urban vibe and impeccably stylish essentials.


Creative Agency:

Creative Director:
Andrew Wren

Production Company:
Good Egg

Tell no one

Mattias Karlson

Photographer Agency:
Bird Production

Andrea Spotorno

Adrian Lux

ZZ-24:7 (C.Beronardo/A.Hynne) 2Stripes Music Publishing/Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavian AB/Sony/ATV under license by Warner Chappell Music Italiana S.r.l.

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