Hermès @ A Stroll In Silk & Cashmere With Objets

Hermès  FW2015 Object silk & cashmere scarfs are light, delecate and colorful, from a flutter of wings touching down on silk comes this companion to Sieste au paradis, a partner of Balade en berline. Previewed in A l'ombre des boulevards, the butterfly already feels at home as it floats through a collection in which cashmere, yak hair, camel hair and leather invites the hand to longer over extreme softness. "I love <...> to come and go as I fancy" says Jean-Jacques Rousseau in The Confessions and his words become a silk scarf. For what is silk? The material for dreams, the material or strolling.

The scented candle is designed for the home by Celine Ellena, daughter of Jean-Claude Ellena, the head of fragrance at Hermès and presented in a stunning selection of objets d'art by Gullaume Bardet.

This new home Hermès home fragrance collection comprises of five perfumes, with each fragrance bearing its own story and five colors: Des Pas sur la Neige (taupe), Temps de Pluie (celadon), Fenetre Ouverte (lagoon), Champ Libre (sulphur) and A Cheval (pumpkin).

There are three families of perfumed objects designed by Bardet that carry the scents: a paper origami horse, a ceramic pebble and a candle bowl.

This gaint silk bandana shows the purns, stirrups, fastenings and whips with three gold ferrules used by the Cadre noir de Saumur.

 Inspired by the Eperon d'or design by Henri D'Origny, this masterful composition of leather and metal, buckles and circles, forms a rosette inscribed in a squre.

 A touch of cheery colour in the long winter months, these short scarves are to be worn up around the chin so you can truly enjoy the warm comfort of cashmere.

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