TOM FORD FW2015 Men Collection

TOM FORD FW2015 Men Collection is charged with a clean and sharp, 1960's influence. Monochrome houndstooth-check jackets and coats offer a youthful and energized expression of urban masculine cool. Double-breasted, three-quarter length military coats or herringbone tweed coats, evoking iconic London style from the era, look lean and modern worn with narrow, tailored trousers and TOM FORD Lancaster boots.

Houndstooth and tweed suits are worn with striped monochrome shirts for extra graphic effect. Narrow, black leather peacoat jackets are worn over suits and camel duffel coats bring autumnal nonchalance when paired with denim and mohair. The collection mixes tailoring with sportswear to offer men of all ages and lifestyles a spectrum of ways to wear TOM FORD.

A deluxe shearling duffel coat and sheepskin-lined denim trucker jacket are worn over formal trousers. A monochrome, houndstooth flannel sports jacket and tailored trousers are worn with the white leather TOM FORD Orford sneaker and a bonded moleskin military jacket is worn with tailored twill pants.For Autumn Winter, TOM FORD denim slim-fit jeans are paired with classic cashmere sweaters in earth tones or vibrant, brushed mohair V necks in jewel tones. Denim is also recast in a padded, down-filled outer shirt. Down-filled parkas with fur hoods are made from the same Western cord used in TOM FORD jeans.

For evening, black Buckley cocktail jackets and trousers are worn with superfine black or white turtleneck sweaters and white Orford sneakers, and a fringed scarf discreetly tucked under the jacket, a nonchalant and distinctly city way to do formal wear. The collection also introduces bold new ways to turn heads at night. The Buckley cocktail jacket is presented in electrifying, Op Art-inspired patterns in black and white. Geometric squares or circles, swirling dots or swirling houndstooth have an almost hypnotizing effect when worn by the TOM FORD man.

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  1. Everything about the jacket seemed fine. Quality leather, fit, color etc.The style is classic, yet modern, timeless, casual and very cool. High quality and very well crafted/constructed. Designer jackets