WING LEI Wynn Macau @ Award Winning Dim Sum Discovery

Proud recipient of the prestigious Michelin-star award and Forbes Travel Guide Five Star restaurant award once again this year in 2015. Wing Lei – One of the signature restaurants in Wynn Macau with the dramatic décor featuring a crystal dragon made up of 90,000 pieces of Swarovski crystal that dominates one wall at the main dining area, mylifestylenews dine under the lifting atmospheric establishment......

Wing Lei has received the coveted Michelin award for six consecutive years. This is another reason to dine here. The dragon symbolizes happiness, luck, and activity and it is the main themes carried throughout the entire Wynn Macau resort. Hundreds of tiny lights illuminate the sculpture, bringing life to the undulating creature. The flooring is based on a fret design from a Ming dynasty screen, while the polished chrome of the wall lights and mirrored surfaces enhance the texture and beauty of the space.

Yet, the Cantonese culinary in Wing Lei is what we crave for, it offers a repertoire of high-end classic Cantonese delicacies along with a delightful array of dim sum and barbecued dishes, so a gastronomical experience awaits! Cantonese dim sum is very common in this part of the world and it needs to be very good in order to outshine their competitors, in a nice way. A tasting menu of signature dishes had been arranged and while it looked rather extensive, in actual fact the portions were beautifully small to allow you to enjoy every morsel without feeling too sated and we were not to be disappointed.

Our selection of appetizers – drunken shrimps, chilled sliced abalone, chilled sliced sea cucumber and cucumber with spicy sauce and lastly a smoked bean curd sheet, mushrooms and sweetened carrot was quite varied, each item challenging the palate with a different signature ingredient or texture and we found this set quite captivating, at least the presentation are quite refine in comparing with other classic Cantonese Restaurant in this region.

A selection of Dim Sum followed and this was overall good, but it depends on what your preference is in terms of delicacies – steamed green bean dumplings with preserved acorn, baked abalone puffs with roasted chicken, steamed layered bean curd skin with soy bean milk and baked barbecued pork bun with sweetened crust. Some worked for us and some were not really outstanding. The green bean with acorn was a lovely crunchy texture and the roasted chicken under the abalone puff was quite delicious, the unquestionable luxe in Dim Sum.

However, the steamed bean curd and soy bean milk was just too delicate and ordinary for our palate, it was merely too plain.The pork bun was delicious, providing you like a sweet crust, this is the modification of the traditional steam BBQ pork bun that have been stark raving in this region, nostalgic senses may not apply here in terms of the traditional way of serving, even we do prefer the more traditional savoury crust instead.

The steamed cod fish roll with preserved tree seeds was another real fine here from the daily a-la-carte menu, it was perfectly cooked. This is a dish with a beautiful execution of flavor and texture, a precise repast.

 Another wow factor dish was the tea smoked crispy chicken – it is definitely a must order. With the tea flavor prominent enough and yet not dominating the taste of the chicken, the crispy skin was deep fried to a thin crust yet remaining the moist of the beautiful tender and flavoursome meat. Unfortunately, the serving portion was rather small and yet it left us craving for more. Nevertheless, our taste buds were not being oversaturated with too much food, so well judged.

Desserts came with a lovely tasting plate of encompassing osmanthus milk pudding, baked walnut puff, deep fried egg custard roll and seasonal fresh fruit. This Wing Lei Dessert as it called has nothing to wow us on the flavor front, although the texture of the osmanthus pudding was as silken as you can get and the flavor was not overpowering, the presentation was rather quite well done.The lunch was quite satisfying from a presentation perspective especially with such attention to detail, including very prompt and wanting to pleaser servers (our server was rather over attentive to leave us enough privacy to enjoy the delicious meal). Although one quibble is the seemingly sexist dress code for men having to wear long pants, but women could wear whatever they want to the point of almost too little. When it comes to the choice of menu items and its gastronomy, some dishes truly spoke to us, while others are not as outstanding as one expects from a Michelin awarded establishment.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Value For Money: 3.5/5

Steamed Cod Fish 
Tea Smoked Crispy Chicken


Rua Cidade de Sintra,
Nape, Macau
Tel:+853 8986 3663

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