DOLCE&GABBANA @ FW2015 Women Collection

Dolce&Gabbana Women’s FW2015/16 collection inspired by ‘The Mother’ and explores how the mother is the heart of the family.

Appearing on the runway stage are 11 real mothers with their children. On the catwalk three models carried their children. Model Bianca Balti walked the runway, presently carrying her second child.

Dolce&Gabbana’s vision behind creating this collection was a very intimate and personal one. The designers’ own relationships with their mothers largely shaped their inspiration and visualization of the collection.

For the duo, it is important that fashion tells a story. The story they wanted to convey this season is one of love, positivity and family. The inherent message is allowing fashion to be seen as an extension of where one comes from.

This collection features new shapes, embroideries, prints and the element of collage. Shapes are fluid and simple, and fabrics soft. Combining sensual elements of the brand’s DNA with contemporary pieces allows the brand to remain true to its core values.

The use of collage is symbolic of the first art children typically create. The presence of prints is central, with these made from original drawings done by children, and representative of the love notes young children first give to their mothers.

The prints specifically shown on dresses were drawn by Domenico Dolce’s nieces and nephews.

Key element is that of the red rose, which appears on dresses both printed and embroidered; also present in the jewelry. Red roses are the traditional flower children give to their mothers.

Handbags are made in precious skins and furs, as well as printed with collages. They are larger in size to represent the bags that working mothers traditionally carry. 

Smaller sized bags were shown as well, encompassing all aspects of a mother’s life. Models also wear crystal-encrusted and fur headsets – the modern crown – as mothers are queens. 89 total looks, plus a finale parade.

Music, “Hurray For Mum” by Edoardo Bennato; “Mama” by Spice Girls.

Edoardo Bennato
Hurray for mum
she’s fond of that skirt that’s a bit long
so elegantly Fifties-style
always so straightforward

Hurray for mum
hurray for women with both feet on the ground
the smiling beauty queens of postwar years
with their hair just like hers!

Angels are dancing rock ‘n’ roll now
you’re not a dream, you’re real
hurray for mum because
if I talk to you about her, you’re not jealous

Hurray for mum
she’s fond of that skirt that’s a bit long
always busy and always absolutely sure
sometimes a bit severe

Hurray for mum
hurray for the fairytale of the Fifties
so far away and yet so modern
and so magic

Angels are dancing rock ‘n’ roll now
it’s not a jukebox, it’s a real orchestra

Hurray for mum because if I talk to you about her,
you’re not jealous
Bang bang the alarm goes off
bang bang you have to go to school
bang bang just a minute
to carry on dreaming

Hurray for mum
hurray for rules and good manners
the ones I never managed to learn
perhaps because of rock ‘n’ roll

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