ST. JOHN FW2015/16 Collection

ST. JOHN FW2015/16 Collection excels in bringing out the natural beauty of women. The name ST. JOHN is an alternative term for elegance and it is best proved in this collection. This season embodies three central themes inspired by the breath-taking beauty of California destinations: TAHOE, CARMEL, and NAPA. Boldly elegant TAHOE, is influenced by the palettes and patterns of nature creating a wardrobe of luxe and effortless pieces. Subtly unique CARMEL, highlights tone-on-­tone tailoring and technique. Caviar is intertwined with jewel tone patterns adding a level of alluring sophistication. Richly refined NAPA, offers modern silhouettes and signature shapes in shades of fine wine.

<Boldly Elegance Tahoe>
The theme is inspired by the stunning scenery of Tahoe, California. The snow mountain and lake there naturally leads you into a state of serenity and solidarity, which perfectly matches with the main idea of the themeTahoe blue and cream, the corresponding colors of water and snow are two dominant colors in this theme. Tweed as a prominent feature can be found in most of the pieces. Various stitches are held together to create different types of tweed. The colors incorporated in the tweed always give out a hint of Tahoe, linking back to the relaxing yet elegant idea of the theme.

<Subtly Unique Carmel>
Second theme takes its inspiration from Carmel in California. Palm Spring is well-known for its astonishing sea view. Overseeing the Pacific Ocean and enjoying the sea breeze gives you a sense of freedom and satisfaction. Unlike other themes, this theme focuses on special yarns. Some of the garments have even used up to seven yarns of different jewel tones from countries like the USA, Italy, Japan, etc. Some other pieces use yarn that includes small hints of color and metallic without making a continuous weight of color throughout. This is what makes the overall theme subtly unique.

<Richly Refined Napa>
Napa, California is home to the concept of the third theme. To compliment Napa’s reputation of wine making, this theme has adopted the new mahogany and malbec as the key colors which instantly lead to an intoxicating feel. This not only adds an alluring silhouette to the garments, but also rewards a refined sophistication to the woman who wears it. A new technique has been used in this theme, a stitch called sparkle plissé knit, which uses five different yarns including sparkled slub yarns, a twisted & stretch viscose yarn and our signature yarn. The snakeskin floral prints in the same theme coordinates with the knit meticulously, making it playful yet formal simultaneously.

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