LANDMARK Celebrates Christmas With A Spectacular ‘Wishing Machine’ ‘Santa Paws’ Teddy Bears

This Christmas, LANDMARK is the home of 80 Santa Paws teddy bear helpers and their awe-inspiring wishing machine, making LANDMARK visitors’ festive wishes come true. The Wishing Machine in LANDMARK ATRIUM is the focal point of this year’s Christmas installations at LANDMARK.

The Wishing Machine also features a whimsical clock tower designed and built by German clock-making specialists PERROT. Every 30 minutes, the amazing installation will burst into life with a charming illuminated show, complete with seasonal music featuring adorable Santa Paws teddy bears with full choreography and synchronized movements. The wish-making specialists comprise a team of 80 Santa Paws teddy bears, with over 100 life-like movements. The installation, complemented by over 10,000 program combinations, took an international construction team of 180 specialists to complete.

In addition to the main installation in LANDMARK ATRIUM, the Santa Paws’ presence will spread across LANDMARK’s 4 iconic buildings. In LANDMARK PRINCE’S, the hardworking Santa Paws will be found busily delivering Christmas gifts. While in LANDMARK CHATER, the Santa Paws’ antique ‘Lutzmann Pfeil 1’ car, the second-oldest car in the world, is on display.

It is used by the Santa Paws to deliver good wishes. When the little helpers get tired from all their wish-granting, they go to their cosy home in LANDMARK ALEXANDRA to take a rest. These adorable characters will bring a sense of narrative charm to all visitors. In keeping with the Christmas spirit of giving, LANDMARK is supporting the children of Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong in 3 different ways. Visitors can fill in a LANDMARK Christmas wish token and insert it into the wishing machine at LANDMARK ATRIUM. For every token received, LANDMARK will make a HK$20 donation to the charity. The books “Santa Paws and The Wishing Machine” (HK$100) are also for sale, with all proceeds going to the charity.

LANDMARK will make another donation to Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong when visitors create their own 3D animated Santa Paws video using the specially designed “LANDMARK Santa Paws” augmented reality app. Visitors can collect a Santa Paws card at LANDMARK, or download it from Users can colour their Santa Paws to create a personalised 3D animated Santa Paws video, then share their unique creation with friends on social media. 

For each coloured Santa Paws uploaded to LANDMARK’s website at or Instagram with #LANDMARKHK, LANDMARK will donate HK$20 towards the wishes of three children of Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong. As part of the Christmas campaign, LANDMARK has created a special animation which tells the story of how Santa Claus’ team of teddy bears, the Santa Paws come to life and through the wishing machine, grant the wishes of all good little boys and girls from all over the world. Look out for the film which is being shown on screens around LANDMARK, on YouTube (, LANDMARK Christmas website and social media platforms.


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