FENDI 2015 Asian Fit Eyewear Collection

FENDI 2015 Asian fitting eyewear collection celebrates the Maison’s elegance with sophisticated and geometric architectures, enhanced by unexpected colors and daring interpretations of FENDI’s signature motifs. Skillful manufacturing techniques enhance the glasses’ premium quality materials, such as Optyl and exclusive acetate. The color palette includes subtle hues and edgy color contrasts highlighted by an alluring interplay of materials and jewel-like details.

FF 0083/F/S – PEQUIN 
These acetate cat-eye sunglasses have a fashionable allure in their colour combinations with temples in crystal-colored Optyl, a registered trademark for an ultra-light weight plastic material with unparalleled color effects. The temples are decorated with a new interpretation of the brand’s iconic black/tobacco striped Pequin, paired with a surprising touch of color, in fuchsia, aqua, black or yellow. Available in earthy havana tones of black, havana, fuchsia/havana and spotted havana with shaded grey or brown lenses.

These acetate sunglasses look to the past with their retro-inspired silhouette, enhanced by a new Color-Block interpretation, with an interplay between the havana colors of the front and the temples in ethereal shades, with the shiny metal core visible in a subtle see-through effect: black with crystal temples and shaded grey lenses, Spotted havana honey with cherry or beige temples and shaded brown lenses and spotted yellow havana with blue temples and khaki shaded blue lenses.

Very light material combination of plastic and metal gives this pair of feminine sunglass a minimal yet sophisticated appeal. The bi-layered acetate treatment allows interplay of full and transparent colours for trendy and cool look. For this model, tailored made to suit Asian women, are available classic tones of black/crystal with shaded grey lenses and havana/honey with shaded brown lenses, as well as more lively and fresh colours such as brown/turquoise with shaded brown lenses and red/turquoise with shaded grey lenses.

FF 0107/F/S – 3BAGUETTE 
The geometric structure in bi-layer acetate lends a glamorous aura to these oversize butterfly sunglasses with faceted volumes, featuring refined contrasts between the havana and crystal layers glued together. The sophisticated feeling is underlined by the new 3Baguette logo, as the signature of the new FENDI’s accessories. The color palette comprises bright hues: spotted havana /orange and yellow havana/violet with shaded grey lenses, spotted havana grey/orange with shaded brown lenses and yellow havana/fuchsia with shaded brown/grey lenses. 

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