GEORG JENSEN @ The Gift of Giving Interactive Holiday Campaign

GEORG JENSEN introduces The Gift of Giving Interactive Holiday Campaign that is a unique online holiday shopping platform. In the interactive campaign, the user is part of an exclusive party that highlights the unexpected or joyful emotions associated with gift giving. The Gift of Giving video revolves around the uncertainty that most people feel when giving gift; will the receiver feel surprised or thrilled? The setting is a dramatic location with a festive gathering of friends and family of all ages and personalities. A compelling storyline unfolds, engaging the viewer to interact throughout the video.

The viewer is presented with three different gift-giving scenes with two possible endings to choose from. What will the choice be? A sparkling Fusion ring or the beautiful Torun letter opener? The elegant Vivianna Dew Drop necklace or the iconic Koppel pitcher? The historic Acorn magnifying glass or the masculine Koppel watch? The Gift of Giving encourages everyone to find ideas for the perfect gift. The immersive digital experience enables users to activate their smartphones as a remote control and utilise the campaign on two screens at the same time. This offers the user the opportunity to add products to a wish list as well as choose gift-giving scenes in the video on one screen without interrupting the storyline of the video on the other.

Watch also the Gift of Giving Campaign with the full digital experience.

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