BOUCHERON @ Khépri à Secret

Nature can be found in all of Maison Boucheron's creations, as is revealed by the many archive documents showing different takes on fauna and flora down the years. Insects have a particularly special place in the history of the first jeweler on Place Vendôme. Described as 'messengers' by Françoise Sagan, they create stunning plays on light and transparency. Khépri à Secret is the embodiment of Maison Boucheron's savoir-faire in jewelry and watch-making. A secret mechanism releases a movement that sets the piece in motion, just to push the blue cabochon head to open up the wings to reveal the dial. The lower wings are set with diamonds and blue sapphires in different shades, while the upper wings are engraved with mother-of-pearl in gadroons shape and bordered by diamonds. As with a Florentine cabinet, the finest lapidaries, jewelers, watchmakers, setters, engravers and polishers spent 600 hours (excluding the movement watchmaking) in bringing this creation to life.  The double gadroon formed by a set blue cabochon and sculpted mother-of-pearl gives this pretty winged creation an iconic Boucheron motif.

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