DOLCE&GABBANA 2015 Christmas Picks

DOLCE&GABBANA Christmas Picks tells the stories of medieval night's adventure.

With the imageries of the capsule collection theme are rooted in ancient traditions from Sicily; the island deeply embedded into the souls of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and the source of their infinite inspiration.

The traditional puppet and marionette theater featuring medieval knights and dames; the carretto and the Sicilian wheel are all elements of Dolce&Gabbana esthetics.

The Sicilian cart, an icon of Italian folklore, is translated into a number of small objects, such as Christmas baubles, candles, picture frames, jewelry boxes, placemats as well as precious little notebooks all enriched by an array of colorful prints.

The Carretto Siciliano print collection genuinely paying homage to their roots and heritage from where both Dolce & Stefano are originated.

These colorful accessories will surely light up your Christmas.

Placemats or notebook? You have your pick.

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