AIGLE FW2015 Fashion Presentation

  AIGLE FW2015 collection paying tribute to all the nomadic tribes across the globe. The concept of “Global Trotter” also plays an important role in the design concept. Based on these concepts, AIGLE will bring to the table a chic and functional collection of travel wear, adaptable to any weather conditions and geographical adversity. It is going to be an incredible, adventurous French journey which AIGLE will take the lead!

The latest addition to the men’s Velvet Touch Collection, LANGDALE in 4-pocket military inspired parka design boasts a silky texture with a new cutting-edge material. Not only is it inventive in its own rights, the soft surface also feels comfortable and light, resembling velvet. It is bettered with GORE-TEX®, a highly waterproof and breathable fabric, to become your all-in-one waterproof jacket to keep you warm.

The jacket combines chicness and functionality to bring about the best protection. As for the design, it is inspired by military uniforms, with a four-pocket design to enhance its practicality. The jacket is available in Dark Navy and Dark Kaki, two basic military colours. However, a bright red alternative (Henne) is also up for grabs to cater to holiday vibe. STORYDOWN is the highlight for the women’s down jacket collection.

The collection is also equipped with the same GORE-TEX® fabric, adopting a multi-pocket design that comes in handy. Featuring a strap on the waist for a slim cut look, not only is the jacket light, chic, and boasts an enriching feminine touch - more importantly - it is going to be a winner that withstands extreme weather.

AIGLE always pays tribute to its heritage; with the four traditional authentic winter jackets it releases as its flagship lineup is a continuation of the nobility from the 19th-century Europe.

AIGLE brings transformation to the traditional jackets by injecting new elements of functionality and urbanization in them.

The much-popular Canadian hunting jackets among the European nobility - COLMAN for noblemen and CANADY for ladies are adorned with a scarf-like collar to keep wearers warm, while at the same time showing off its design. It uses a waterproof material and multiple layers of cotton, making it water-resistant and light, enhancing its practicality.

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