Prada Reopens Alexandra House Building in Landmark Central Store

Prada reopens its store in the prestigious Alexandra House building in Landmark Central, Hong Kong after given a makeover. The 920-square metre boutique, designed by Italian architect Roberto Baciocchi, extends over two floors, with the women's collection on the ground floor and menswear on the upper level.

The black marble-clad base of the storefront is topped by a polished louvered façade in shades of gold and backlit, creating an evocative illusion of perceived movement from the outside, both during the day and at night. The double-height glass wall revealing the interior of the secondfloor and framing the entrance, forms a powerful contrast to the sequence of sweeping window displays wrapping the store front.

The next area, showcasing accessories, is defined by landscape-cut black Marquina marble walls which contrast with the bright red, green and blue of the saffiano-leather display counters. Plush green velvet ‘Clover Leaf’ sofas, designed by Verner Panton and exclusively reproduced for Prada, complete the interior design. Moving further into the shop, visitors enter a more intimate, and softly-shaped area dedicated to women's wear. The feeling of privacy in the dressing room suffuses the rest of the environment, which is wrapped by soft green, fabric-clad walls. The perspex display units, clear skylights, striking geometric perspex and steel tables and plush green velvet sofas create a striking contrast and complete the interior design. This part of the store houses a private area for Prada's special guests.

The gallery, dedicated to leather goods and women's shoes, is complemented by the intriguing optical effect of the classic black and white Prada checkerboard floor, reminiscent of the historic Milan store. The lines emerging from the pattern on the floor seem to converge on the focal points of the display in the centre of the room, adding a special feel to smaller-scale areas. Gleaming polished steel counters on a black Marquina marble base are framed by green fabricclad walls. The sales floor is split into two areas, with a black marble staircase in the centre leading up to the men's collection on the upper level.

The atmosphere on the upper floor has a much more sartorial feel. For men's collections only, it also has a dedicated area for the Made-to-Measure service. The sweeping glass wall overlooking the street embellishes a setting dressed in distinctly masculine materials and finishes, from the long-grain ebony wood floor and wood-clad walls to dark brown rugs and rust-coloured ostrich leather sofas. Completing the upper interior are polished palladium wall units, and display counters with coloured saffiano leather-upholstered drawers.

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