Girard-Perregaux @ Cat’s Eye High Jewellery

The delectable Cat's Eye collection steps into the realm of the wildest dreams imaginable with this unique watch entirely enveloped in a costume of white diamonds. This exquisite plumage is the ultimate embellishment for this most exceptional of timepieces. Seductive and grandiose, the Cat's Eye High Jewellery watch explodes with dazzling light and sparkling reflections. This masterpiece of timekeeping harmoniously combines the talents of the watchmaker and the jeweller. It perturbs the senses and is the object of every desire. Girard-Perregaux, one of the historic Swiss Manufactures de Haute Horlogerie, has conquered the world with its expertise, with over two centuries of uninterrupted production.   A mechanical caliber of the very finest craftsmanship thus beats at the heart of this timepiece.  In the same way, the iconic design of the Cat's Eye Collection has made it a reference in terms of ladies' watches. The case, oval and horizontally aligned, has become over the years a highly-prized symbol for female admirers of fine watches. Its spectacular setting of 646 white diamonds of the very highest level of purity confers on it an aura that is unrivaled throughout the world.  They are in fact each classed as "F-VVS", a guarantee of perfect proportions and an exceptional degree of brilliance. The superlative character of the Cat's Eye High Jewellery watch is illustrated by its exclusive recourse to only the most precious materials. The dial, the case and the bracelet, are all entirely fashioned from white gold. They form the structure, actually almost invisible, upon which the gem-setters patiently mounted its constellation of diamonds.  No fewer than 120 hours of unwavering attention are required in order to achieve this result.  For this task, only the very best craftsmen were selected for the dexterity, patience and flair that guided their hands. The size of the emerald-cut stones give a contemporary, racy character to the Cat's Eye High Jewellery watch, which is historically recognized and transforms the rough diamond into a dazzling, multi-faceted rectangle with smoothed-out angles.  In so doing, the different faces systematically create a diminutive House of Mirrors in which each stone is progressively lit up or eclipsed at each movement of the wrist. A total of 645 stones make up the mosaic that envelopes the Cat's Eye High Jewellery watch. The dial, the watch's centerpiece, presents a rare spectacle with its sunray effect and at its epicenter the small second hand decentered at 9 o'clock, and the rays in the form of lines of diamond stretching out toward its edge. The sole exception among the emerald-cut gems is the single diamond embedded in the heart of the crown, the only one to display a "rose" cut.   The Cat's Eye High Jewellery watch brings together a total of nearly 50 carats of precious stones, making this by definition one of the very rarest timepieces in existence. 

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