FENDI @ 2014 Resort Collection

FENDI 2014 Resort collection revisits the Italian house’s iconic styles with a magical touchup of bold contrast and voluminous layers, brought together by materials, savoir-faire and textures. It is the Traditional craftsmanship meets ingenious patchwork. Sporty sensibility distilled from F/W collection lurks in haute couture-like exquisiteness; sleek minimalism is cleverly interspersed with geometric and nature-inspired patterns to bring out a feminine edge.

Spring is the season of opulence. A cacophony of colors, from the monotonous black & white to soft romantic pastels, touches off an iridescent explosion of novel sensations, where red; brown; azure and navy blue interplay. Championing a contemporary style for fashion, FENDI set out to reworked street-smart staples, such as bomber jacket and sweat pants, into modern and exquisite ensembles for the new season.

Patchwork takes center stage once again in this collection. Intricate mosaics are worked into printed viscose, leather plaids, fur intarsias and sequin embroideries, creating enchanting layers of tangled textures.

As iconic as they are contemporary, stripes and bands runs vertically on suits and jackets. Bold color dashes are all over the place, including lapels and neckline. Vibrant piping is expertly applied in stripes of colorful python or leather.

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