DIOR HOMME @ Spring 2014 Collection

Last year I went to Art Basel in Miami, It was such a huge contradiction between the art scene and the general scene in Miami, you couldn’t have a bigger one. The contrast of having formal exhibition openings on the beach, of having to wear a tuxedo on the beach. But there was also such a sense of fun to all of this in Miami. It inspired my approach to the collection.” says Kris Van Assche, Creative Director of Dior Homme.

The new Spring 2014 collection for Dior Homme is infused with the spirit of lightness and playfulness. Building upon the core DNA of Dior Homme, in the shape of the slim-fit black suit, Van Assche lightly subverts the volumes and shapes of the silhouette. Here, pleat-front trousers are utilised at times or the conventional code of the trouser suit is broken and transformed into the shorts suit.

A casual air informs the collection overall, eschewing the dictatorial silhouette and favouring a mix and match approach. A ‘brush stroke’ print is the key motif of the collection, starting as a flash of colour on a collar and building in intensity as the clothes progress, eventually adapted to the weaves of light, summer knitwear and outerwear. The palette is built upon black and white, with key expansions into cobalt blue and rust red.

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