ADJUVANT Presents The AE Series Step Into Flawless Skin with SUGAR and MINERAL

ADJUVANT presents the AE Series step into flawless skin with SUGAR and MINERAL. he brand formulates its unique blend of sugar and mineral that are essential to human body cell to solve various skin and hair problems, and to promote cell’s self-healing ability. It effectively resist the external environmental damage, and the formula is very mild which are applicable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Established for 20 years, “Natural. Toxic Free. Safety and Effective.” has long been the motto of ADJUVANT under the leadership of Mr. Nakamura Yutaka. ADJUVANT made efforts in planning and developing beauty, skincare and hair products with non-oil, non-alcohol and colorless components. AE Series consists of various precious and utmost hydration ingredients to form a natural protectative coating on the skin’s surface. It fills the inner skin with nutrition and water, to rejuvenate your skin, fade away fine line, and improve skin’s elasticity. Let’s pamper your skin with superior repair effect, wake up the allure of every women and leave behind the sign of aging. 

Products of AE Series collection has been rewarded the gold award of Monde Selection by International Institute for Quality Selections, a Belgium independent quality research institution in 2012 and 2013. AE Ternary even received the highest honor of Grand Gold Quality Award in 2013. The awards are one of the evidence that in terms of safety, packaging and ingredients, Adjuvant products have always achieved superior level among thousands of products in the markets.

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