BVLGARI “IL CIOCCOLATO” Pop-up Store @ Harbour City

BVLGARI “IL CIOCCOLATO” pop-up store is launched inside the Harbour City, Hong Kong reserved to the display and sale of exquisitely refined chocolates, recreates a warm, cozy and sophisticated atmosphere with an original color scheme of the interiors, based on a play of contrasts in the glass mosaic flooring and wall coverings. The fine handmade chocolates tantalize both the palate and the eye. Subtle and artful pairings create a perfect balance between sweet and bitter – a synthesis of pleasure when chocolate and unexpected, complementary tastes are harmonized to awaken the senses. The much-appreciated line of Bulgari chocolate miniatures exalt the flavors and aromas of Italy. Each Bulgari chocolate comprises these top ingredients.

The mosaic features chocolate and cream color strips embellished with pure gold inserts. Elegant vertical totems are dedicated to the presentation of the chocolates, displayed as if they were real jewels in cases on a black resin and glass counter.  The chocolate miniatures are handmade by a master chocolatier who, applying the secrets of his craft, translates the Bulgari legend into an experience that engages all the senses and is capable of pleasing the most discerning palates.

Perfect miniatures in delicious flavours and aromas from Italy - two special Chocolate for Harbour city : truffle and coffee/Chestnut and green tea all wrapped in sensual layers of gleaming chocolate bearing the mark of elegance. Crafted by hand with traditional techniques in the Ginza, Tokyo chocolate laboratory, Bulgari’s exclusive line of artful delicacies are displayed like jewels in glass cases set upon a black resin counter, luxurious treats for both the eyes and palates of visitors, particularly in Japan, who tend to be demanding connoisseurs of only the finest chocolate.

Others includes a number of unusual combinations of flavors, range from white truffle, black pepper, pistachio, salted caramel, maple sugar, bergamot, earl grey, lavender and orange flower honey. Tradition and modernity are expressed in the creations of the master chocolatier, following a tradition that dates back to the time of the Florentine court of the de’ Medici dynasty in 17th century Italy. The pop-up store ends on the 16th Feb 2014.

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