Berluti’s Celebrates Ginza Relocation with A ‘Rainbow’ of Patina

Berluti's celebrates Ginza relocation with a "Rainbow" of Patina to 6-7-16 Ginza Chuo-ku, an address at the epicenter of one of the world’s most luxurious pleasure districts further strengthens the Maison’s presence in Japan. A 430 sqm space will provide all of the customary Berluti attentions: a dedicated patina bar, a special orders service, custom leather tattoos and of course, the VIP Bespoke space.

To celebrate the opening, the Maison has drawn on its native expertise to develop uncommon patinas in an unprecedentedly wide ‘rainbow’ range of 41 colors, for Ginza and Ginza alone. The new finishes will be applied to a range of bags, shoes and small leather goods handpicked from their Fall/Winter collection and sold in exclusivity at the new Ginza Maison. This limited edition justly demonstrates the Berluti ethos of bringing life to each and every product. Depths and transparencies have been worked to rare effects, for truly startling, celebratory color and texture.

Berluti’s classic weekender, the Deux Jours, will for the first time be available in their Scritto finish. Etched with the delicate tracery of this most distinctive of lines, the bags are further imbued with dynamic patinas: an ‘Indigo denim’ and ‘St.Emilion Bordeaux’. A final flourish comes in the form of customized tags, commemorating the limited edition. The centerpiece of this limited edition range is a backpack, sold apart in further exclusive colors at nearby Dover St Market as part of the opening celebrations. A first for Berluti, in terms of form and a preview from the SS14 Regate line. The backpack will be available in as many colors as units, which is to say, just 10. The unique colors from the Ginza rainbow range, added to the custom limited edition labels, make for classic one-off items that balance a strong sense of exclusivity with a good sense of style.

Finally, come two pieces from Berluti’s Gaspard line, the Idewa long-zip wallet and the Imbuia business card holder. Bearing unique interpretation of the Gaspard ‘scar’, these small leather goods will each be available in the full 41-strong rainbow of colors, but no one color will be repeated. Like the bags, these wallets will bear limited edition tags to further refine their rarity.

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