《LOEWE @ AW2012 Ad Campaign》

Loewe celebrates a new spirit of Spanish character in the latest AW2012 ad campaign.The creativity and exacting excellence of Loewe’s iconic creations have been feted for generations. Just as immutable quality never fails to be appreciated by the world’s most demanding individuals, the art of Loewe’s leather goods has long been adored by customers sharing the brand’s insistence on impeccable craftsmanship, using know-how that has been honed to perfection over the course of 166 years. It takes an informed eye to fully appreciate the care and attention that has been lavished on every product leaving the Loewe studio - and the audience that appreciates such sophistication of technique and refinement of craft is now broader than ever. This talent and achievement is the spirit that infuses Loewe’s campaign for A/W 2012.
The imagery brings together five of Spain’s most highly regarded artists, actors, singers and models, set against the convergence of heritage and modernity to striking effect. Joining the cast for the shoot are: internationally renowned actress Ángela Molina, who has appeared in over 100 movies; Clara Lago, the young rising star of European cinema; singer Eleonora Bosé, frontwoman of the band The Cabriolets and one of Spain’s most successful models; Andrés Velencoso, also a famous Spanish model and a longstanding Loewe collaborator; and fellow fashion model Antonio Navas.
The five were selected on account of the strong and spirited sense of character they are already known for: Eleonora for her fearless and uncompromising sense of self; Ángela as a stylish and sensual screen icon; Clara, the youthful Spanish beauty; Andrés, the embodiment of relaxed Mediterranean charm; and Antonio for his classical good looks. They each bring a distinctive, individual spark to the shoot - which is why Loewe has already worked with Ángela, Bimba, Andrés and Antonio on previous campaigns.
The idea behind the shoot was to give each of the five participants a fictional persona compatible with their own personality and allow them to interact and improvise before the camera. ‘Working as a model is about playing a role’, says Eleonora. ‘Everything was very natural and real; we were free to interact with each other just we would in real life’, says Antonio of the way their improvised drama unfolded before the cameras. Directing the proceedings were Mert and Marcus.
The location chosen for the shoot was the Fernán Nuñez Palace in Madrid, a masterpiece of neoclassical architecture built for the Dukes of Alburquerque and Fernán Nuñez in 1846, the same year in which Loewe was founded nearby. And just like Loewe, its splendor has been preserved by artisans that have tended to it for generations. In its day the palace was the favored location for Spanish high society’s most extravagant parties, and its ornate gilt detailing provides a backdrop for the shoot that is redolent of both royal tradition and bohemian decadence: grand but relaxed, monumental but intimate.The shoot showcases the chic black (minimalism) of the AW2012 collection and, of course, the bags for the season: Loewe’s signature Amazona, bright red suede, in oro and in black crocodile; the soft and flirtatious Flamenco, in russet; and the Granada, Loewe’s new bag inspired by the medieval splendor of the city of the same name, in magenta. 

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