《The Bounty 懸紅》

 Extremely dull characters and screen play with disguise acting, <The Bounty> clearly did not bring out the best from the long awaited veteran actor Alex Man who made a come back to the giant screen. The entire film was a truly disappointment, from the direction to the pretentious acting with exaggeration, everyone only seems to care for what they can do to excel each other but only leads to nauseous end. A weak screen play is the killer and this film has it all. It has been a long while we couldn't finish a movie and walked out from the theater, this film surely has it spell asking its audience not to stay. Despite a twist to its ending (from other reviews) but it still has nothing to interest us to stay on for another minute. Worthlessly, it is a total waste of time! (even for writing this review). If Hong Kong movie keeps on going with this kind of standard of production, that's the end of it!

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