《adidas Golf @ puremotion》

adidas Golf had different ideas by finding natural movement that the spikeless shoe is now a popular accessory for both amatuer and professional golfers alike. Yet even before the barefoot and minimalist phenomenon made its way into mainstream sports, the golf shoe had already been evolving from its traditional look and feel. <puremotion> is introduced ~ a natural movement golf shoe that has been designed to increase flexibility and bring the foot into closer contact with the ground. At the same time, puremotion provides the necessary traction and support in any position around the golf course.
 Its unique web-shaped forefoot allows your toes to naturally spread out during the swing and this is exactly what distinguishes it from any other shoe product – puremotion allows you to find your own balance and tempo while improving your awareness of the ground and how it relates to your swing. There is also a noticeably reduced heel lift which helps to align the spine and improve posture during your swing. It allows your foot to move in the way it’s supposed to as opposed to how it would in a traditional, heavy and inflexible leather golf shoe of years gone by.
Weighing in at just 11.5 ounces, puremotion is also an incredibly light golf shoe. An anti-wicking mesh upper provides both breathability and water protection while the abrasion-resistant outsole provides a spikeless and green-friendly traction. According to adidas golf, they spent a serious amount of time researching how to maximise stability through natural movement in their golf shoe. What they’ve achieved with puremotion is certainly something special. They have a history of producing game-changing products on first inspection, their new puremotion shoe looks set to join that exclusive list.


  1. I love the looks of this shoe, it really gets people's attention with it's looks and bottom. The grip of the shoe to the ground is tremendous. I have not slipped, but I have not played in wet weather either. One thing to note, is that this shoe leaves some marks on the greens when walking. This is not that uncommon for other spikeless shoes. Soft Spike shoe bottoms are kinder on greens.


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