DKNY @ Be Delicious Eau So Intense Fragrance

  DKNY BE DELICIOUS FRESH BLOSSOM EAU SO INTENSE is the Perfect Accessory for Spring. It is tempting and seductive, the intensified version of the existing scent with accentuated notes of delicate florals, absolute citrus, and a crisp apple blossom accord.  An exuberant floral bouquet of Rose de Mai and violet imparts intense femininity at the heart of the fragrance as touches of wet woods wrapped in musk and velvet orris enhance its warmth and sensuality. This exquisite medley of luscious blossoms and fierce petals is an exhilarating confection to the senses. THE PACKAGING housed in a pink apple-shaped bottle, the Fresh Blossom Eau So Intense packaging is a variation of the beautiful Fresh Blossom bottle with pink on pink details accentuating the intense floral side of the bouquet-like fragrance. 
DKNY BE DELICIOUS EAU SO INTENSE gets an intense makeover. It is desirable and intoxicating, a magnified version of the existing scent with an accentuated key apple accord. It resembles the first mouthwatering bite of a fresh picked apple. The packaging housed in a clear apple-shaped bottle and a variation of the beautiful Be Delicious bottle with apple-green cap and details accentuating the intense succulent apple-like fragrance. “There are two ways to intensify a scent. You can simply raise the entire concentration so you have a larger overall impression of the fragrance or you choose one or two key notes and magnify those individually,” says Trudi Loren, Vice President, Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide, The Estée Lauder Companies.“For Be Delicious, we maintained the original structure, balance and simply amplified the entire fragrance to give it a higher concentration so it has more overall impact both on top and in wear so your Be Delicious is longer lasting!” adds Loren.

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