《evian Continues @ Love Young Concept》

evian has been proactively promoting its “Live young” concept, inviting each of us to live young, to awaken the healthy, youthful and optimistic living attitudes. This year, evian comes back again with a renewed “Live young” campaign, encouraging consumers to live young every moment of the day. This year, evian not only continues to sponsor the renowned tennis player, Maria Sharapova, to be the ambassador in promoting the “Live young” concept, but also invites the well-known golf player, Melissa Reid, to take part in the campaign. Their natural charisma and vitality perfectly complement the “Live young” spirit to promote the brand value of having a youthful state of mind, representing to “Live young” together. 
 Without being processed and contaminated, evian mineral water is directly extracted from the water source by advanced technology. Through a series of quality control to ensure the brand's commitment, evian brings the natural and purified water to accommodate the healthy and cheerful living styles for the urban citizens, symbolizing to awaken the youthful and energetic living attitudes whenever and wherever by drinking evian Natural Mineral Water.

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