《The Amazing Spider-Man》

It is rather a remade that a sequel of the previous three Spider-man movies with the untold story which was already known for the Marvel's fan or even non Marvel's fan. Despite a couple of jumping around and swinging in between high rise scenes, with or without 3D, it won't make much of a different. The not so neighbourhood friendly face of the new hero, Andrew Garfield doesn't seem get to close to his audiences. No doubt the tight spandex may show a little of his masculine side but he is still on slender slight. Perhaps, this remade has added a little more human emotion for the forlorn hero but what the audience seriously need for this kind of action CGI genre is to enjoy a much more entertaining motions that just what have been done and repeated. Still, if you have been watching the past three Spider-man movies, it is still hard for you not to continue, for better or worst!

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