《Late Autumn 晚秋》

 This 2012 version is already 4th re-make from the original screenplay produced in the 1960's in which the original first production went missing in action. Thus, <Late Autumn> is still one of the all time favorites for many others who enjoy dwelling with this kind of vague relationship from the two main lead casts who had an untold secret who were then fell for each other. Tang Wei and Korean heartthrob Hyun Bin created a not so connected chemistry in between each other due to the fact that the characters were created, be it the sorrowful and unfruitful relationship to be developed by finding its happy ending or the acting from both of them doesn't really work out fine. The secret lined behind these two miserable characters with the prolong of the movie may not satisfy many impatient audiences. If you are used to the Korean thespian manner and style, this film may have your consent, Seattle may probably be one of the best location scene for highlighting the sadness and solitude due to its predictable uncertain weather condition.

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