《When Pigs Have Wings ~ Le Cochon de Gaza》

Indeed, When pigs have wings, everything is possible. So is the director/Screenwriter Sylvain Estibal  debuting his shoestring budgeted film where political parable that satirizes Arab-Israeli relations in the Middle East. Estibal's black humor are sensible and will have your emotion goes with his flow. What would you be possible do when your religion not allow your to do something that would turn out to be a huge offence and leads life into danger?! This happen to a Palestinian fisherman Jaafar who caught a live pig while he was out fishing in the sea, his life was then became more miserable. Jaafar's character played by Sasson Gabay, an Iraqi-born actor who out shined himself in his role. The sensitive issue of the Islamic religion and the contradiction was the political situation in between two nations was rather well written and executed by Estibal. You will get carried away by some real good heartfelt gags and yet sensitive or untouched. The absurdities became reality, as such, similar situation could happen to many of us and with such conflict, could you take it the way it is or do it in Jaafar's way with everything for survival?! <When Pigs Have Wings> may deliver a simplistic message to your answer, It worth your 90 minutes spend and money back.

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